New Yearly Member Rates -- Effective July 1

For the first time in more than five years, CAT is raising its annual member fees. Membership is going up only $5 per year for individuals, and we've reorganized the group-member discounts. The new fee structure is as follows:

  • $65 per year for individuals
  • $30 discounted annual fee for students, senior citizens & military personnel (IDs are required)
  • $150 discounted group rate for nonprofit organizations (covers up to five people)
  • $250 discounted group rate for businesses and families (covers up to five people)

As always, membership in CAT gives you access to thousands of dollars worth of camera gear, CAT's Edit Suite of fully-loaded iMac computers, media classes, high-def studios, staff support and a community of media producers. New memberships come with a free Field Equipment class, that shows you how to use our check-out Panasonic HD professional camcorders, light kits, microphones, etc. 

Plus, when you join, you show active support of *CAT's mission.

All in all, membership in CAT remains an excellent value, and a great way to build your resume and share your voice with the Columbia community. Join or renew your membership today!


The CAT Staff

*Columbia Access Television is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a mission of empowering our community members and local nonprofits to:

  • SHARE their diverse voices with Columbia

  • LEARN new and innovative media skills

  • USE high-tech video equipment and other media technology