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Latest from Behind the Scenes

Local HS Student Produces Video: About Columbia Access Television

RBHS student Luke Currey produced this video, for his broadcast journalism class, about us last semester. Fantastic job!! It really captures an important aspect of what CAT means.



January 2015 Happenings at YOUR Community Media Center

Put the following free events on your calendar now -- don't miss out!

Friday, Jan. 23 @ 5:30 p.m. -- CAT's True/False Film Fest Gimme Truth Kickoff Mixer: See some previous year's entries, meet Gimme Truth Guru Jamie Gonçalves, find out everything you need to know about this years competition and LIVE GAME SHOW! For more info, see our Facebook Invite. FREE! Location: CAT's downtown Community Media Center at 23 N. Tenth Street. 

Friday, Jan. 30 @ 6 p.m. -- Third Goal Film Fest Filmmaker Workshop with Brad Allgood: CAT is partnering with The Central Missouri Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and the Third Goal International Film Fest to bring you an intimate, in-depth discussion with a world renowned filmmaker. This is a unique opportunity to see clips from the director and listen to him discuss the stories behind his films. Questions from the audience are a large part of the experience. For more info, see our Facebook Invite. FREE! Location: CAT's Studio A in Helis Communications Building at Stephens College (Helis is #9 on this MAP)

Saturday, Jan. 31, starting at 12:15 p.m. -- Third Goal Film Fest: Join CAT's collaborating partners, the Central Missouri Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, for a full day of global films and local dialogue. For more info, see the Third Goal Film Fest webpage. Free! Location: The Missouri Theater. 

Questions? Comments? Email us at, call us at (573) 442-4447 or drop by CAT's downtown Community Media Center at 23 N. Tenth Street anytime from noon to 8 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. 

CAT and the City: How to Reach Out to YOUR City Reps

Hello CAT members and supporters of community media in Columbia!

This is the SECOND year the City Manager has zeroed out funding for CAT in the City budget. Yes, the City will continue to fund the government voice (The City Channel) and yes, cable franchise funding is still coming into the city general fund. 

CAT IS COLUMBIA'S PUBLIC VOICE. If you believe the City should support the PUBLIC VOICE in addition to its own government voice, tell your city representatives!

What YOU can do to help

Add Us to Your Calendar - Show your support IN PERSON at City Council meetings:

  • Monday, August 18, 7 p.m. - Meet at CAT's downtown space at 6:30pm to walk over, listen in and speak up.
  • Tuesday, Sept. 2, 7 p.m. - Meet at CAT's downtown space at 6:30pm to walk over, listen in and speak up.
  • Monday, Sept. 15, 7 p.m. - Meet at CAT's downtown space at 6:30pm to walk over, listen in and speak up.

Share Your Stories - Contact your mayor and city councilperson

Contact your mayor and city councilperson to tell them how important Columbia Access Television is to the community. Please consider copying CAT on your correspondence so we may collect them to show to City Council at a later date (email, mailing address: CAT, 23 N. Tenth St., Columbia, MO 65201.)

You may contact your ward representative in the following ways:

Mayor Bob McDavid

#ProjectFilmSupply short film contest is open for submissions

#ProjectFilmSupply from The Music Bed on Vimeo.

#ProjectFilmSupply from The Music Bed on Vimeo.

The Music Bed opened up submission to their #ProjectFilmSupply short film contest on August 4th. Follow this link to submit your idea, collect votes and compete for $50,000 in prizes.

Robert Greene on "The Art of Nonfiction"

The art of nonfiction by Robert Greene

Acclaimed documentary director Robert Greene just joined the faculty at Mizzou. See his video essay about "The Art of Nonfiction" at Sight & Sound. (NOTE: some graphic imagery) 

CATching Up with CAT April/May 2014

Columbia Access Television can be seen on Mediacom Channel 85, CenturyLink Channel 603, Charter Channel 983, streaming live and available on demand at and select programming can be found on our Vimeo channel and on our YouTube channel, just search for Columbia Access Television.

Welcome to CAT's big ole Spring programming announcement. Please, please, everyone find a seat. We have a lot to get through today and not much time for witticisms and small talk. Let's get to it!!


Watch speaker sessions from this years #BOOM Entrepreneurial Summit, presented by REDI at The Holiday Inn Executive Center, filmed by the Columbia Access Television Media Services team. Each speaker is a successful entrepreneur and wishes to share insight and inspiration from their experiences. Check out randomly scheduled sessions Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 1PM and Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9AM.

The League Presents: Perspectives on the War on Poverty After 50 Years

The League of Women Voters and Columbia Access Television co-produce a monthly program focused on important political issues in our community. The League Presents is moderated by Jim Robertson, Columbia Daily Tribune Managing Editor, and can be seen Mondays, Wednesdays Fridays and Sundays at 7:30PM and Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays at 7AM.

What’s Going On

From our friends at MUTV and the Missourian

Take a look at the nice write-up about CAT's collaboration with MUTV in the Missourian! Here's a snippet:

"Thanks to this partnership, we're able to share our original content with an audience beyond students who live on campus,” said Amanda Sohaney, MUTV general manager. “Now, any member of the community with a TV can watch and enjoy MUTV."

Check out the full article here:

If you're not on campus watch MUTV on CAT, Weekdays at 8AM and 5:30PM.

The Tribune's View Editorial Regarding CAT by Columbia Daily Tribune Editor, Henry J. Waters III

This was the editorial written by Columbia Daily Tribune Editor, HJWIII, and featured in the Thursday August 29, 2013 edition. The letter is immediately below and the link to the Tribune entry is at the bottom of this post.


In his budget for next year, Columbia City Manager Mike Matthes proposes to cut funding for Columbia Access Television, a savings of $200,000. The city has been providing this amount each year in a five-year contract expiring Sept. 30.

As the day of reckoning nears, a swell of support arises for continued funding. Members of the city council seem sympathetic. Matthes cites budget challenges but is open-minded. Where does CAT rank among city spending priorities?

The community access station is one of those unnecessary but important public projects that make Columbia what it is. Measured by the metrics of commercial television, CAT would go out of business, but that fact is the very case for continued city subsidies. If CAT could command an audience supporting commercial sponsorship, it would not consider using its resources and talent as it does. Like public radio and television but even more so, CAT must survive without the kind of empirical reckoning underwriting other media.

CAT and The City - HOW YOU CAN HELP (Updated 8-28-2013)

So many of you, CAT's loyal members and supporters, have asked how they can help convince the City of Columbia to add us back into the 2014 budget. Please see below, and THANK YOU.

What YOU can do to help

Add Us to Your Calendar - Show your support IN PERSON at City Council meetings in August

  • Tuesday, September 3rd, 7 p.m. - Meet at CAT's downtown space at 6:30pm to walk over, listen in and speak up.

  • Monday, September 16th - The city council is having a budget work session in which CAT gets time to make its case to the council. Please come and support our efforts by packing the house

Pop in to 23 N. 10th Street to give a quick video testimonial

  • We’ll have everything set up and ready to go during CAT's business hours (Tues-Sat, noon-8pm) -- you simply chat about why CAT is important to you and to Columbia.

  • It's as easy as stating your name, occupation, and "I am CAT-TV."


Easy First Steps - Take to social media!


  • Leverage the power of social media and tell your friends how much you care about CAT. Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter (@columbiatv) to get the latest updates about our funding battle.

We've been defunded, but we're not giving up without a fight. Stay tuned for how you can help.

Hello members and friends of Columbia Access Television! Please read this Tribune article that details the City Manager's plan to cut funding for CAT, Columbia's award-winning public access channel and community media center. 

You know that we're a valuable resource where you can SHARE your diverse voices with Columbia, LEARN new and innovative media skills and GAIN ACCESS to high-tech video equipment and media technology. Now we need to make sure that the City Council members and Mayor understand this too
The notion of nixing funding for CAT is ONLY the City Manager's RECOMMENDATION. Now the decision lies with your City Council members. CAT's members, supporters and collaborators are going to work hard to make a case for continued support of community media by the City of Columbia. Watch for notes next week on how you can help us win this fight. Thank you!
Link to the article HERE or read it below.

Proposed city budget nixes money for Columbia Access Television

Andrew Denney | Posted: Saturday, July 27, 2013 2:00 am

Columbia City Manager Mike Matthes is proposing to end the city's financial support of Columbia Access Television on Sept. 30, citing a need for the city to shore up the city's finances.

At a news conference yesterday during which he unveiled his proposed budget for the fiscal year that starts Oct. 1, Matthes said he proposed the cut to deliver a balanced budget for fiscal 2014 and to prevent cuts to city services.