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Latest from Behind the Scenes

The Internet is a great place without other people

So, I think we've all had this experience at one point in our lives: you just watched a great YouTube video or finished a great article only to have the WHOLE experience ruined by Joe C. Internetuser (the "C." stands for "crazy") going on an all-caps rant. I don't know about you, but that really bums me out. For this reason, I've come to love a little web browser extention called Comment Snob.

Comment Snob does exactly what you think it does: it removes unsavory comments on YouTube (or many other sites, for that matter) by parameters that you set up. If you can't stand those all-caps rants, you can block any comment that is written in all uppercase. If you don't like comments that have no punctuation, Comment Snob will zap them off your screen. You could even go so far as to hide comments with too many type-os.

If you're like me and think that the Internet needs a crazy filter sometimes, then get Comment Snob for Firefox or Google Chrome. 

CATching Up With CAT - February 1, 2012


Gearing up for CAT Chats


The CAT Crew met up with Andrew Droz Palermo Tuesday to talk tech for this Saturday's CAT Chat. After seeing some of the clips he plans on showing, I can tell everyone is in for a treat! Not only are you going to be able to pick this guy's brain, you're going to see brand-spankin'-new music videos for impressive artists, beautiful short films, and more.

That's a lot of knowledge and know-how for five bucks, folks! Bring your friends, bring your friends' friends, bring anyone and everyone down to Studio A on January 28th at 1pm for an awesomely informative discussion of art and career with Andrew Droz Palermo.

Columbia Access Television Employee of the Month - Jimmy Moore

Please meet our outstanding Employee of the Month, Jimmy Moore, also known as 0110101001101001011011010110110101111001.

Aside from his usual super-human accomplishments, Jimmy is being recognized for directing six three hour classes in the past eight working days including Field Equipment, Final Cut Pro and Studio Production.

During this time period, many people have benefitted from Jimmy's diligence and we've not heard a single complaint uttered from his angelic face.

Thank you Jimmy for your yearnin' to expedite learnin' and for all your contributions to Columbia Access Television and our community.

Making A Difference January 2012

Sustainability Now: Defining Sustainability


Columbia Access Television teams with City of Columbia Sustainability Manager, Barbara Buffaloe, to bring you a monthly show dedicated to topics centered on sustainable lifestyles, environmentally friendly practices and smart, green living. 
Each episode, Barbara welcomes members from the community to discuss these topics in a fun and educational manner.
Tom O'Connor, owner of H20'C Engineering, helps make sense of sustainability.

NERD ALERT!!: Freeware Utilities to Help your Workflow

I’m a nerd. It’s an empirical, observable fact. I have a Star Wars mug, use a Linux laptop, and I get really excited about Freeware utilities. These are all things that just come with the territory. But you don’t have to be as nerdy as me to really appreciate great free stuff. Especially if it’s free stuff that makes your life easier and lets you spend more time being creative! Take a look at my favorite and most-frequently used software tidbits:

CATching Up with CAT! January 1, 2012

Columbia Access Television can be seen on Mediacom Channel 85, CenturyLink Channel 603, Charter Channel 21, streaming live and available on demand at and select programming can be watched on our Vimeo channel, just search for Columbia Access Television.
Happy holidays to all from Columbia Access Television. We have tons of very exciting programming to close out what has been an incredibly active 2011 and kick off an even bigger, better 2012 at CAT.

PDT Nighthawks’ Matinee presents Scrooge, the 1935 British version of Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Carol. Sir Seymour Hicks portrays the humbuggled, old codger who learns to right his life through a series of visits from influential ghosts. Catch the spirit with Scrooge at Midnight Saturday and Sunday New Year’s weekend.

A Life Celebrated: James T. Scott Monument Dedication was filmed with the assistance of Columbia Access Television Media Services and edited by Scott Wilson, a CAT member. Tune in for this celebration Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 10 PM, Tuesday,Thursday and Saturday at 8 AM, and Tuesday and Thursday at 5 PM.

Scott Wilson was also instrumental in organizing, filming and editing the Jolly Brothers Band performance at The Blue Note on July 22 2011. This is an incredible, two-set show that will have you dancing in front of your television. Get moving with Norm and Al Jolly at Midnight, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Citizen Jane Film Festival Filmmaker Panels - CJ Filmmakers 2011

Sustainability Now: Winter Wisdom

Host, Barbara Buffaloe welcomes Connie Kacprowicz from Columbia Water and Light and Michael Goldschmidt of University of Missouri Extension.