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Das Karnival

you betchaA hilarious and clever look at Columbia culture, produced by Chase Thompson from 2006-07.  Includes Das Karnival clips, local music videos, You Betcha, Female Arm Wrestling, and more! Starring Ian Cogneato, the man behind the 'stache!


Down In Front


Columbia's only weekly movie review show!  Produced by Andy Neitzert, directed by Logan Lemmon, co-hosted by Joel Shettlesworth, from 2009-10.


Etak Attacks!

Etak Attacks!Hi, my names is Etak. My mom is an alien and my dad is a sheeeep. I am from the planet opwkmblgjwy. This is my show!


Exit Strategy

Exit Strategy

A travel show, filmed outside Missouri with a pocket-sized camera. Albuquerque ZOO, Ipanema Beach BRAZIL, Cambridge & London ENGLAND, Florence & Rome ITALY, Amsterdam HOLLAND.  Produced by Ryan Walker since 2009.


Fitness & Wellness for a Lifetime

Fitness & Wellness for a LifetimeA series of fitness videos produced by MU TV.


Free Drum Lessons

Free Drum LessonsIn this educational series, Ryan Walker teaches you how to play the drums in quick and easy to follow 5-10 minute lessons.


God Life with Brother Mike

God Life with Brother MikeAn exploration of our personal love relationship with God. Learn how to effectively apply the good news and great results of God's Peace, Power, and Prosperity to our every day living. Produced bi-weekly by Mike Mooney since 2005.


Good Nuz

Good NuzAn uplifting and positive spiritual show hosted by Aquilla Butler.



IkariA feature-length martial arts film.  Full of special effects and action, set to an original musical score.  Produced by Dustin Hawkins in 2009. 


Illegally Downloaded TV

IDTVCollege comedy straight from the Mizzou campus. Produced by Drew Stewart and Matt Underwood in 2008.