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2011 Stephens College Fashion Show - Pulse!

Pulse - 2011 Stephen's Fashion ShowColumbia Access Television is offering two viewing options for the 2011 Stephens College Fashion Show - Pulse. You can purchase a video DVD that will play in standard definition in any DVD player, or you can purchase a data DVD that contains the fashion show as a high-definition movie file that you can copy to your computer for viewing. You can also purchase both in a package for a discounted price of $45. If you live in Columbia and don't need shipping, you can place an order using this form and then come down to our office to pay in person with cash, check or credit card!

Video DVD
SD Video
$30 + $4.50 for s/h

Data DVD
HD Video
$30 + $4.50 for s/h

Video DVD & Data DVD
HD & SD Video
$45 + $4.50 for s/h

Watch a sample clip of the fashion show!